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Restaurants in Rotterdam and vicinity


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Rotterdam, a melting pot of cultures has many different restaurants. From the Italian restaurants, to French and more. There are many brasseries, bars, eetcafes (eatery), wine bars, restaurants on / by the river and in the city center.

The number and quality of restaurants in and near Rotterdam has grown and there are several restaurants with a Michelin star: Parkheuvel two Michelin stars, Fred two Michelin stars, Joelia one Michelin star,  Perceel one Michelin star.

Restaurant Fred Rotterdam Two Michelin Stars restaurant

Restaurant Fred
Honingerdijk 263
3063 AM Rotterdam
Tel.: +31(0)10 212 0110
More about Restaurant Fred

Rebelz aan de Rotte Rotterdam

REBELZ aan de Rotte (Mediterraanse keuken)
Bergse Rechter Rottekade 1
3051 AB Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 8701387
REBELZ Rotterdam

Ono Japanese Dining

Restaurant Ono Japanese Fusion Dining
Antoine Platekade 1005
3072 ME Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)10 4863962
Fax: 0031(0)10 4864994

HMB Restaurant Rotterdam

HMB Restaurant
Holland Amerika Kade 104
3072 MC Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)10 7600620

FG Restaurant Rotterdam

FG Restaurant
Katshoek 37b
3032 AE Rotterdam
Tel.: +31(0)10 4250520
Facebook FG Restaurant


Brasserie Stadhuis

Grote Markt 1a

3111 NG Schiedam

Tel.: 0031(0)10 2460024
Restaurant Stadhuis Schiedam

Restaurant WARISAN

Restaurant WARISAN
Westerkade 20
3016 CM Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)10 4360263


Aloha Bar Rotterdam

Aloha Bar
Maasboulevard 100
3063 NS Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31(0)10 2108170

Alfredo's Taqueria Rotterdam

Alfredo's Taqueria
Goudsesingel 204
3011 KD Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 3074680

Dewi Sri Hillegersberg

Dewi Sri
Grindweg 650
3055 WD Rotterdam Hillegersberg
Tel.: 0031(0)10 4223625
DewiSri Indonesian restaurant

Parqiet Rotterdam

Baden Powelllaan 20
3016 GJ Rotterdam
Tel.: +31(0)6 53151133 - 06 48466907

Restaurant Aan de Zweth

Restaurant Aan de Zweth
Rotterdamseweg 480
2636 KB Schipluiden
Tel.: +31(0)10 4704166

Restaurant O'Pazzo Rotterdam

Mariniersweg 90
3011 NV Rotterdam
Tel: 0031 (0)10 2827107
Restaurant O'Pazzo

Perceel Capelle aan den IJssel

Dorpsstraat 3
2902 BC Capelle aan den IJssel
Tel.: +31(0)10 2271922


Restaurant Amarone

Meent 72a

3011 JN Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4148487

Ross Lovell Rijsoord

Ross Lovell
Rijksstraatweg 67
2988 BB Rijsoord
Tel.: 0180 420996

Fred Rotterdam

Honingerdijk 263-265
3063 AM Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 2120110

Joelia Rotterdam

Coolsingel 5
3012 AA Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 7108034 

Kaapse Maria Rotterdam

Kaapse Maria
Mauritsweg 52
3012 JW Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 8423978

Dertien Rotterdam

Schiedamse Vest 30
3011 BA Rotterdam, Nederland
Tel.: +31(0)10 4333969

Amehoela Rotterdam

Amehoela Rotterdam
Mauritsweg 33
3012 JT Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 3074594

Just Rotterdam

Mauritsweg 53B
3012 JX Rotterdam
Tel.: 06 44541404

Bertmans Rotterdam

Zaagmolenkade 15
3035 KA Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 8448860

Bokaal Rotterdam

Nieuwemarkt 11
3011 HP Rotterdam
Tel.:  010 7200898

Lilith Coffee Rotterdam

Lilith Coffee
Nieuwe binnenweg 125H
3014 GJ, Rotterdam
Tel.: +31(0)10 2038838


Little V

Grotekerkplein 109

3011 GC Rotterdam

Tel.: 0031 (0)10 4131191

Old Scuola Rotterdam

Old Scuola
Achterklooster 1
3011 RA Rotterdam
Tel.: +31(0)6 45146127

Op het dak Rotterdam

Op het dak
Schiekade 189
3013 BR Rotterdam

Baker&More Rotterdam

Westblaak 147
3012 KJ Rotterdam

Restaurant De Jong Rotterdam

Restaurant De Jong
Raampoortstraat 38
3032 AH Rotterdam
Tel.: 010 4657955

FG FOOD LABS Rotterdam

Katshoek 41
3032 AE Rotterdam
Tel.: +31(0)10 4250520
Facebook FG Food Labs

Dewi Sri Rotterdam

Dewi Sri Rotterdam
Westerkade 20-21
3016 CM Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)10 4360263
DewiSri Indonesian restaurant

De Kleine Ondeugd Rotterdam

De Kleine Ondeugd
Oostzeedijk 348
3063 CD Rotterdam
Tel.: 0031(0)10 2130718

Website Kleine Ondeugd


Stroom Rotterdam

Lloydstraat 1

3024 EA Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 2214060

Fax: 0031 (0)10 2214061


Café-Restaurant NUL 10

Westerstraat 39a

3016 DG Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 2134445


Engels Grandcafé Restaurant

Stationsplein 45 Groothandelsgebouw

3013 AK Rotterdam

Tel: 0031 (0)10 4119550

Fax: 0031 (0)10 4139421

Restaurants in Schiedam: www.RestaurantsinSchiedam.NL

Rotterdam is a city in the west of the Netherlands. The city is the second largest in the country and largest in the province Zuid Holland. It forms the southern part of the Randstad, the sixth-largest metropolitan area in Europe, with a population of 6.7 million. The port of Rotterdam was the largest/busiest port in the world, now it's Shanghai. Rotterdam is devided by the river nieuwe Maas (new Meuse) into North and South. The name Rotterdam comes from dam in the river Rotte. Settlements started around 900 BC and building the dam in the 1260s where the Hoogstraat (Highstreet) is.

During 16th and 17th centuries (the golden centuries) and because of the VOC (Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie, the Dutch East India Company) Rotterdam became more and more important as a city and harbour. In 1898 the Witte Huis (White House) was build and became Europe's highest office building at 45m (150ft).

Rotterdam was bombed in the beginning of WW2, because of unexpected resistance of the Dutch army. On May the 14th 1940 the heart of Rotterdam was destroyed by the Nazi airforce killing 800 people and made 80.000 homeless. Ossip Zadkine made his statue Stad zonder hart ('City without a heart').

Rotterdam was gradually rebuilt from the 1950s through the 1970s. After the 1980s daring and new styles of apartments, office buildings and recreation facilities resulted in a more 'livable' city center with a new skyline.

Het Witte Huis The White House

The Ossip Zadkine statue City without a heart

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